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I suck at programming.
I'm not a good student.

WSQ12 Ward Cunningham

1 min read

"It's great to be here" You can see his face full of emotion.

The great Ward Cunningham, inventor of the Wiki, started with a little database made of cards using Hyper Card(It combines databse capabilities with a graphical, flexible, user-modifiable interface.) because his goal was the absortion of technology amongts technologist, and he made a database out of cards that tracked how ideas moved throught his company.

I find it really impressive how can just one person think of an idea to help himself and his company and it ends up being one of the most used tools amongts students and researchers or whoever uses it to find any kind of information, like, almost all kinds of concepts and information can be found there.

At some point of the interview the guy asked what should students learn or something like that and Ward replied that we should learn what a boolean variable is (-.-), jquery and javascript. Now i got more things to do during the summer.

Gilberto Rogel García   A01630171

#WSQ12 Greatest Common Divisor

1 min read

Code Link

Code running picture:

This program asks the user for two positive integers (x,y) and returns the greatest common divisor of those two integers by using Euclid's Algorithm.