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I suck at programming.
I'm not a good student.

WSQ10 College Advice

3 min read

"Work is supposed to be something unpleasant you do to get money to do the things you actually like doing."  So wise. Changed my perspective on life.

Joel's Seven Pieces of Free Advice for Computer Science College Students:


1-Learn how to write before graduating. (Done (i think so))

"I won't hire a programmer unless they can write, and write well, in English." I think i'm qualified for that job.

Of course, as a programmer you have to know how to write so you can comment and document your code so other programmers can understand it and work with it instead of rewriting it. 

2-Learn C before graduating. (Haven't even started YET)

I've met  a few programmers who have told me C is the base of everything, like the Big Bang of programming, but it is true than in school we don't have any courses that teaches us C so i'll learn it by my own on vacations or some break. 

3-Learn microeconomics before graduating (No thanks(perhaps yes))

Well of course i have to learn to make business so i can make more moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

4-Don't blow off non-CS classes just because they´re boring. (OFC i won't)

I do have to get a higher GPA, my current one is 2.9 and some ot these non-CS classes help me raise it but sometimes this courses can be very time consuming which is the part i have to get used to in order to get a higher GPA.

5-Take programming-intesive courses. (Seems like a good idea)

I haven't taken any intensive courses but i've done some Codecademy courses which are very helpfull to learn the basics that i need for my current classes.

6-Stop worrying about all the jobs going to India. (What?)

 I don't really think that moving to India is the only choice but for me the only thing that is important in order to move to a different country is that there is good opportunities, tasty food and kind and awesome people to learn from.

7-No Matter what you do, get a good summer internship. (Sounds good)

"By the time you graduate, you really should have a resume that lists a whole bunch of programming jobs." I have to inmediatly start working on this, otherwise noone will hire me in the future.


In conclusion these 7 advices will help me be one of the most complete programmers in the industry which will help me get a better job and position but first of all enjoy and love my job.



Gilberto Rogel García A1630171


#TC1014 #WSQ10 Lists

1 min read

This program shows the user the total, average and standard deviation of the numbers that he/she provided in a list. 

I didn't know how to do the standard deviation part so i had to look at someone else's code (Venkon Programming)

Click here to see my code